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Kaposvar is under construction

Planned Town Development – Definite Future Vision

County Rank Local Government of Kaposvar Town looked ahead, when in 2008 prepared the Integrated Town Development Strategy of the town. The most important nature of the strategy is that it was born by the active assistance of the local inhabitants, participants of the economy and civil sphere. It serves their interest and it is based on the ideas regarding the development and the future of the town. It was prepared with a complex, area based planning approach which combines the development ideas of the conceptions of the different professional sectors – for the sake of those participating in the realization.   

As a result of the mutual planning such complex town development and renovation plan was born, which outline the main directions of the development and aims of Kaposvar for the next 7 to 10 years. In this way it ensures such a reliable developing environment for the particular participants, which helps to underlie the individual and organizational decisions as well as providing a frame for the future vision of the local enterprises and those companies that intend to bring their seats to Kaposvar.  It also structures each of the steps of the development in order to have the resources, being separated at present, synergistically connected to each other for the sake of a mutual aim and future vision. 

Regional Centre, Expanding Functions

The development line of the Hungarian towns is defined by the difference which evolved among Budapest and the regional towns in close rank to Budapest in the last two centuries. The medium town type settlements which were left out of the settlement structure can be a „competitive” centre against the capital being regional centres of the country with their special production, cultural and administrative characteristics.  Those towns which could have served this function were lost as a result of the Trianon Agreement after the War. The regional county seats, such as Pécs, Kaposvár or Szekszárd could never build up such infrastructure as the capital city. So we have plenty to make up for.

We can find some benefits of this forced development line. These towns - as Kaposvar, too – remained unified in their small town characteristics, so the projects that are intended to be realized are constructed by mature, long term conceptional planning, harmonizing with the present elements and the requirements of the local inhabitants.

In the area of Kapos-valley – and beyond – beyond dispute Kaposvar is the most significant structural regional centre. In the South Transdanubian region it has a co-centre role beside Pecs, which can be intensified – especially with the large scale town development programs. This will also mean the quality improvement of the dividing of functions and the relationship of the two towns. The development axis of the region will be reinforced by the realization plan of the M9 motorway which would mostly help the urbanization process between the Kaposvár-Dombóvár areas.

Friendly Town of Spa

The tourist attraction of Kaposvar can significantly improve. The town tourism built traditionally on the culture and on the various events as well as the conference tourism will be also dominant part of the future vision. The sport and cultural events and festivals of Kaposvar attracting more and more people, its public and private collections as well as exhibitions are more and more well known.

The deep-boring of the 54 °C thermal water from under more than a 1000 metre, established the possibility of such a spa culture which can attract the audience, looking for high quality spa service and effective medical care, from all over the region as well as from abroad. Beside the urban adventure spa the improvement of the swimming pool and medical tourism developments can mean serious growing potential for the town.

Around Kaposvar we can also find the particular products of village tourism: Starlight Sky park of Zselic (Zselici Csillagos Égbolt-park), Reindeer farm, Demo farm, Fairy tail guesthouse. The active tourism (hunting, bicycle, horse riding) is also characterized by good advantages and there are defined products. The improvement of innovative tourist products and their combination to package offers and their adoption to the tourism of Kaposvar are also among the future aims.

One and a Half Million Square Metre Greenfield

For those visiting Kaposvar the impression of the view of endless gentle hills and the experience of the environment is a dominant experience for them. Róma, Kecel, Iszák, Kapos, Körtönye, Ivánfa, Somhegy – These are the names given by the locals to their favourite „mountains”.

The natural values of the town at the foot of Zselic the old vineyard hills, the surrounding forests and the beloved waters – and the values inside the town itself: historical parks, the old and even countrywide unique alleys defining the spirit of the town. We can easily call  Kaposvar a „green town” – only a few people know that the green area worked by intensive cultivation is one and a half million square metre all together, so it is more than 20 m2 of green area falls on one inhabitant, which is a very high number compared with other towns.  

The town is proud of 33 country wide significant built monuments being under protection. Most of the cultural heritage is in the centre of town – plenty of them has been renovated and maintained exemplary.

Reborn Town Centre

One of today’s most large scale development programs of Kaposvar is the function expansion in the town rehabilitation. The development realized by the help of the EU relates to the heart of Kaposvar and it will fulfil a process which has been started 2 decades ago. The area being under construction is the Fő street and Kossuth square that is already a walking area along with two other streets that will be connected to the walking streets: Ady Endre street, Varoshaz street and Noszlopy Gáspár street which will receive a decorative pavement and the car parking will be completed here. The centre with all the changes still remain approachable by the pedestrians: the cars will be left in a garage underneath and in a two floor parking place. The national monument cinema will be renewed as the Szivárvány cultural centre, new catering terraces with music and entertaining light shows will be opened all round the year under the trees of Noszlopy street.

A town-district with attractive picturesque functioning as centre of trade, institution, tourism, education and administration will reborn in the City which also serves surrounding settlements of Kaposvar. It will be a central meeting point of Kaposvar with quality and demanding green areas, meeting the requirements of the high quality living standards.

The development aims of the more than 2 billion HUF program reinforce each other and intends to show to the direction as described above. Let’s see these aims. 

  • Strengthening the role of town centre and also at the same time preserve the present architectural and public spirit by „making the benefit of” and further improve the traditions and feeling of the present monuments being in quite good shape by the way
  • Strengthening the narrow and wide regional central role
  • Strengthening the role of theatre for increasing the number of visitors, giving place to and coordinate big events, programs from the region, too
  • Mapping and improving those elements which strengthen identity, utilize the strengths when in regard of tourist products (heritages of art)

               - „town of painters”, educational institutions (many kind of medium and high educational)

               - „school town”, Csiky Gergely Theatre, festivals – „cultural centre”

  • By improving the attraction of capital to the town increasing the number of the institutions in the City, job opportunities and real estate
  • „making the benefit of” more active entrepreneurs, generating and coordinating business relations, mutual developments in order to make a closer relationship with the civil sphere, inhabitants and with the entrepreneur and developer sector 

Increasing Attraction, by Offering More

We already have a walking street and bicycle road, we can notice every changes day after day, the city centre is getting more and more beautiful and comfortable – even if the construction works cause some inconvenience -  but what can a new comer expect after the closing of the town rehabilitation works? Beside the huge strategic aims how the every day life and attraction of the town centre will change – what exactly is happening? 

  • Vitalizing the economy and tourism of the City:
    • With shops and applying terraces for the catering facilities in the walking area
    • Creating new retail and service profiles for shops, exploitation of shops without any function, motivating investment like businesses
  • New opportunities are born for stipulating pedestrian traffic and making parking areas
  • The contribution to the total renovation in order for a new picturesque of the City:
    • Renewal of the street front of the buildings, continuous maintenance
    • Renewal of public territories and outer public elements reflecting the City feeling
    • Renewal of inner side of the buildings considering the requirements of living environment and cityscape
    • Expansion of protection and video surveillance systems
  • Strengthening of town functions:
    • Continuous improvement of the quality of the Administrative and Public Service services: new smooth entrance for customers at the City Hall, as well as a parking area underneath,
    • Expanding of the public living space of the town centre, modernizing Public Service places: Szivarvany cinema is kept and exploited.

Cultural Offensive –AGORA being built, Renewing Szivárvány

Együd Árpád General Community Centre and Basic Art Education Institution (Általános Művelődési Központ és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény) being more than 30 years old and most of its elements are outworn will satisfy old needs as being renewed under the frame of the AGORA-program. The treasure of Art Works (Művészetek Kincsesháza) will receive a honourable place in the new building for practising and introduce art works. The AGORA of Kaposvar will be such multifunctional public place which will be based on a large scale understanding of art works, and will be eager to fulfil the needs of each layers of society with new services and will provide functions as cultural organizer and adult education.  

The new institution will not remain a single one: in connection with the town rehabilitation another mellowed institution will start its new life. The historically protected building in the Noszlopy street was a cinema then a public entertainment place for young people earlier. After the renovation it will be operating as Szivarvany Cultural Centre owned by the local government, as a multifunctional cultural centre where we will find three type of cultural functions.

  • Music events, giving place for concerts principally for the country wide well known local Vikar chorus and for the Kaposvar Philharmonic, as well as for quality music events and programs. 
  • Its second profile is the theatrical programs in which chamber-, children- and puppet performances are included. It will be the host and central building of the traditional Meeting of National Children Theatre.
  • Finally but not last it will be available for keeping conferences here, as well as Balls, exhibitions and other social events. The planned function fits well to the annual „Kaposvar is the town of painters” event series. During the renovation an „Art Cafe” will be made, too a large open terrace under the shade of the hundred year old trees.   

All these changes are being done in a way that not only the significant stage technique and functional developments, beside a full scale accessibility, is done but also the renovation of the architectural valuables of the historic building in parallel both on the facade and also in the inner side of the building – so that Szivarvany will again shine in its old variegation.  

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